Dr. Wieckhorst received her undergraduate degree from Lyman Briggs Residential College at Michigan State University and completed her doctorate at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.

We asked Dr. Wieckhorst a few questions so you can get to know her a little better!

I sought out a career in dentistry because:

  • I get to make people healthier systemically and often say to my patients “the start to a healthy body is a healthy mouth!”
  • I get to give people the smile that will give them the confidence and comfort to show their personality. I always go back to “How can someone fully be themselves in an interview for a job if they are uncomfortable with their mouth?”
  • I get to meet/interact with many people every day, I am very social/extroverted so I need that in a career; which allows me to serve my community.
  • I get to be a patient advocate and educate the importance of full-body health including dental, medical, and mental health.

What is your goal for your patients?

  1. They leave happier than when they came in.
  2. They are comfortable with the practice and their treatment choices.
  3. They understand the reasoning and importance of their treatment choices.
  4. They do not feel judged.
  5. Most importantly, I want them to know I genuinely care and want the best for them!

What other awesome and interesting things could you share about yourself?

  • Like Dr. Yared, I too attended Lyman Briggs Residential College at Michigan State University before matriculating to the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. I even got to study abroad in Italy and Brazil.
  • I am always reading two books at a time and possibly listening to a third (which is apparently odd).
  • I adore both of my dogs Moonie & Carl. They are the light of my world (if you ask about them, be prepared for a long lecture of me doting over them)!
  • I enjoy workout classes at Orangetheory Fitness.
  • I am enjoying learning how to complete home repairs with power tools.