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For individuals who have experienced serious dental injuries or oral diseases, dental crowns might provide a sense of relief and enable them to eat and speak without pain or other difficulties.

Our dentists serve the residents of Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, and Comstock Park, MI. We offer dental crowns at each of our MI Smiles Dental locations for patients with damaged teeth.

Dental Crown Overview

Dental crowns are a collection of synthetic material created to protect a damaged tooth.

The Reasons Dental Crowns Are Used

Crowns might be used for a variety of reasons, such as to cover a large portion of a tooth damaged by long-standing decay, providing protection for a chipped or cracked tooth, improving the aesthetic appeal of a discolored tooth, affixing a tooth to a dental implant, and providing filling for a tooth that has been subjected to root canal therapy.

The Length Of Time Dental Crowns Last

If properly maintained, crowns might last for several decades. However, long-standing durability and longevity often depend upon how well the crown is cared for.

Maintenance Tips

Dental crowns should last for many years provided those who possess these dental components to adhere to the following maintenance tips:

Practice Good Dental Hygiene

Practicing optimal self-care is critical to maintaining dental crowns. Most dentists, including ours, recommend that all their patients, especially those with dental crowns, brush at least twice per day and floss daily.

Receive Routine Professional Evaluations

Patients with dental crowns are encouraged to obtain routine checkups from their dental care providers. Our dentists will examine the crowns to make sure they are still durable. We will also check to make sure there is no decay around the crown.

Limit Biting Force

Individuals with dental crowns are encouraged to avoid biting down with a tremendous amount of force. They should remember that, while relatively strong and durable, crowns are still not as strong as one’s original teeth. So, the excessive force could cause damage.

Do Not Consume Certain Foods

Any food that is very hard or chewy might prove difficult to eat should be eaten with caution. Repeatedly eating these foods could cause damage or gradually weaken crowns, which may elicit additional dental problems or a return visit to our dentists to fix breakages. Specifically, products like candy, gum, and hard fruits or vegetables should be limited.

Limit Consumption Of Other Foods And Beverages

Certain foods should be avoided until the recipient adjusts and the crown settles. Such items include especially hot or cold products like soups and beverages. Furthermore, frequent consumption of sugary substances could erode the crown or surrounding teeth.

Make an Appointment

Individuals who believe they might be a good candidate for dental crowns or possess questions about any other dental concern are encouraged to contact us. Our dentists in Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, and Comstock Park, MI, will work with you to find the best restoration method for your teeth. Contact us online or call one of our MI Smiles Dental locations today.