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When teeth are lost due to injury or disease, dentures can be used to restore a smile and help individuals with eating and speaking. If you are getting dentures, read on for what to expect and some tips for adjusting to your new smile.

What to Initially Expect

New dentures may feel uncomfortable or awkward for a while before you become used to them. They may feel loose while the muscles of your cheeks and tongue get accustomed to keeping them in place.

You may experience some mild irritation or soreness, which is to be expected while your mouth adjusts to the dentures. You may also notice that you experience more saliva flow for a while. However, as your mouth becomes more accustomed to the dentures, these issues should diminish.

Tips for Eating

When you first begin to use your dentures, eating will take a bit of practice. You should start with cutting soft foods into small pieces and chewing slowly. As you become more comfortable with chewing, other, firmer foods can return to your diet. Be sure to chew food on both sides of the mouth to prevent the dentures from tipping. Also, be careful when eating hot or very hard foods.

Tips for Speaking

You may also notice that pronouncing certain words may require some practice with your new dentures. Try reading out loud and repeating these words. If your dentures start to “click” when you are speaking, try talking more slowly.

You may also find that your dentures may occasionally slip when you laugh or smile. Try repositioning your dentures by gently biting down and swallowing. If trouble speaking persists, don’t hesitate to speak to our dentists.

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