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Laser Dentistry

While it may sound sci-fi, our dentists use lasers to help patients maintain healthy teeth and gums. Laser dentistry is FDA-approved and safe for patients of all ages. Laser dentistry is minimally invasive because it cauterizes as it cuts, reducing bleeding and…
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Oral Cancer Screening

Over 50,000 Americans will get oral or throat cancer this year, according to the American Cancer Society. Fortunately, our dentists provide oral cancer screenings so cancer is detected in its early stages. Detecting oral cancer in its early stages gives you the best…
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Snoring & Sleep Apnea Devices

Snoring can sometimes be caused by soft tissue collapsing at the back of the throat. What snoring and sleep apnea devices do is move your jaws forward so you can breathe comfortably while you sleep. Our dentists will be able to create a sleep apnea mouth guard to stop snoring…
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Preventative Services Technologies

Our dentists use the latest dental technology as part of their commitment to always provide quality dental care. If you have any questions regarding our dental instruments, call our office. To schedule your appointment with one of our dentists, call MI Smiles Dental…
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Get Quality Dental Care

Our West Michigan family dentists provide quality dental care to patients of all ages. With five convenient West Michigan locations, we have the capability of handling all of your family's dental needs. Call MI Smiles Dental Grand Haven at (616) 842-1188 and MI Smiles Dental Cascade at (616) 974-4990 today, or schedule your appointment online.